Sunday, November 08, 2009

tulip diagram

we were supposed to diagram a flower as homework for class.
i bought five tulips at the farmers' market, and i figured they would be fairly easy to diagram as they don't have many petals, like a rose or a dahlia has. but of course of the bunch, i managed to choose the misfit tulip to diagram. it had seven tepals (a word one can use for sepals and petals when the sepals and petals look almost the same), instead of the six tepals its friends had. and it had seven stamen instead of six.

the misfit tulip did make me look more closely. the sepals and petals of this tulip are slightly different. the sepals have tiny pointy tips, while the petals' tips seem to be inverted in a v.


pilarcat said...

This is a cool project. I don't recall doing any of this when at school :-o

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