Sunday, April 11, 2010

flickry spring
from heather
also from heather
no. 2 | a few days after
no. 3 | that windowsill
heads up
like so many clouds

this shouting across the divide this american life episode aired again yesterday. the first part is about an american muslim family that gets discriminated against and abused after 9.11. the worst of the family's troubles occurs a year after 9.11, when a hateful book is distributed to fourth grade classes throughout the family's school district. the fourth grade teacher at this family's child's school allows (and fuels) the students' cruelty toward their muslim classmate. a powerful, sad and angering story. the teacher should have been fired in my opinion. and it's shameful that none of the other families in the district complained about this book or about the hateful environment that was being fostered in the schools.


Chelsea said...

BEAUTIFUL painting!
Your progression is incredible-

janis said...

Yes, This American Life is a great show. Thought provoking, stories that linger and stay with you.

Beautiful pencil drawing... love the way you handled the coloring of the jar.

janis said...

oops! I meant to say watercolor, not pencil drawing. Still sipping on morning coffee and not quite awake yet :^)