Sunday, April 04, 2010

fashion, sustainable and un

the other evening at art murmur, we stumbled upon a show of work by permacouture artists.
i loved it. such thoughtful work that clearly requires a lot of process and craft. dying, weaving, sewing.

(i dyed yarn once in the cutting cold in sjövik, sweden. our class collected various plants from the area {i was on blueberry leaf collection duty} and spent all day outside dying yarn. in the end, we each had a wheel of yarn in so many colors, little tags dangling from each yarn swatch telling which leaf, berry, flower in nature lent its color to that swatch. it was a long and very cold day, but satisfying in the end to see the rainbow of natural colors.)

above is (a not good photo of) part of one of sasha duerr's woven dresses. so pretty. she is the founder of the permacouture institute. she also co-created a dinner to dye for, a slow fashion/slow food event.

and in what must be very unsustainable fashion, here are some photos from valentino and chanel books.

the valentino book is beautiful with great photos. his dresses are luscious sculptures. look at (fuzzy) young brooke shields.

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Chelsea said...

The show sounds amazing! As does your blueberry-leaf dying session. On my list of to-dos for life....