Friday, October 22, 2010


our overflowing yard was cut to the quick recently. our downstairs neighbor takes care of the yard sporadically. i'm not complaining—no one else takes the time. but this last flurry/fury of clipping and trimming and weeding left the yard seemingly barren. the huge quince tree (a favorite of the birds and bees) was sheared in half and totally de-leaved. and my favorite rose bush is nowhere in sight. and my housemate's blueberry bush was transferred from a pot to the yard, though she had it in special soil.

i've actually been avoiding taking a close look at the damage. but on this grey day, the greens were so bright, i had to check them out. well, of course francisco does have a plan. there are new things planted, and they are spaced evenly around the edges of our concrete slab. succulents are being succulent, and a new pint-sized gargoyle
in permanent roar watches over the growing. i still don't know how the tree or white rosebush will do, but i trust that the yard needed a makeover and that francisco has a vision.

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sigur rós today: gong

beautiful photos of mostly bay area artists. found through serena's blog.

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