Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pinky Leon purrs

it's been a rough week. an emergency trip to the vet (two vets actually) for pinky leon (surgery) and the emptying of my pockets to pay for it.

pinky leon's tummy is shaved and
piglet pink; he's appropriately named. but i've known that for a while. when he was little he would meow, and for several seconds after meowing, his mouth would remain open. it was very amusing. he had a long list of descriptors—pink mouthed-pink toed-pink nosed-brillo backed-(his back fur was oddly rough when he was small) bushytailed leon. eventually shortened to pinky leon or PL.

the pink man is home recovering now. i am recovering too. so stressful. and while there is security in a bit of savings, there is also security in a warm, purring friend sleeping, finally, after much pacing about, settling in on my lap.

we are listening to the low anthem. (once upon a time PL was afraid of the piano. he heard it on the radio and freaked out. made airplane ears and ran and hid. his musical taste has matured, however, or he's become desensitized to the piano.)

to help pay for his surgery, i am having a Pinky Leon purrs BIG SALE on From Orchards, Fields, and Gardens. the books are half off.

some of my favorite PL photos
PL tiny, 1999

sweet face
in the sewing maching cover
tummy show off

8 comments: said...
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lisa s said...

hey shash - big pet pet to pinky and a huge hug to you... i know exactly how stressful and costly this type of stuff is....

Anonymous said...

oh, shash. so glad pinky leon is home safe and sound. pets are such vulnerable and wonderful little friends. trips to the vet can be so traumatic. glad you are both home and cozy.

Anonymous said...

Pinky Leon has such big eyes! I'm glad he's recovering -- hope you do too!

Kerstin Svendsen said...

Yes! Successful litter box visits this morning too. Phew. Thanks friends. Big eyes is the number one comment people make when they meet PL. :-))

abigail*ryan said...

Get well soon Pinky Leon... hope your lovely fur grows back soon and you're feeling spritely again in no time!

Hugs to you, shash. xo

louise said...

So glad PL is on the mend. I know what it's like to have a sick pet and the enormous relief you feel when they start to recover and feel well and happy again. xolj

bugheart said...

i feel for you.
spot was a bundle
but what can you
it's your baby.
i hope the
sale went/goes
let me know
if i can
help at all.