Sunday, April 24, 2011


at dusk on the back steps. last bit of light and the deep blues.

thank you all for the recent book purchases. it's been a big help in many ways!

pinky leon got his cone off yesterday, finally! i think he was beginning to believe it was a part of him. he cleaned it regularly, making big scraping noises (sandpaper tongue on textured cone fabric). a little funny, a little pitiful. that cannot feel good on the tongue! he looks much more dignified now, and is markedly cleaner and more sprightly. there's a spring in his step, and his old orneriness is back.

some flickry cats and dogs for you
sunken treasure's cat
a beautiful dog by anja
dog shore's album cover
gemma always cracks me up

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Marlee said...

Your blog is like poetry! Beautiful!