Wednesday, May 04, 2011

you're invited

well, i guess i'm getting a little better about asking for help, because i'm throwing a pinky leon purrs fundraising party (with mati's, jen's and leslie's and a lot of other people's help). can't say i feel entirely comfortable with the concept, but it feels better if i think of it more as a party and art show. a bunch of friends/artists/crafters are contributing artwork. the moola will go to help pay part of the whopping cost of PL's procedure and surgery.

so, come to the party! not this saturday but next. party info.

(pinky leon will not be attending the party, unfortunately. he's even more shy than i am.)

3 comments: said...

Wow i like your blog : )..
You’re welcome to visit mine to

gracia said...

Hello there fellow shy friend. Wishing I could attend the fundraiser for dear Pinky in person.
g xo

(Hope my print makes it to you in time.)

Katrina said...

sorry to miss. hope it was a huge success. hello, dear pinky leon.