Friday, September 23, 2011

more bits

from the new home

there are various tomatoes growing. tomato still with the vine scent on it has to be one of the best scents.

the yard—rambling and with so many possibilities. my landlady dreams of multiple treehouses and covered bike storage (sounds good to me!). chickens, of course, crossed my mind. i like hearing some neighbor chickens clucking. goats? i should at least try to garden! (there's also a tall, somewhat stingy with the oranges orange tree and a picnic table outside of the picture frame.)

one of my favorite san francisco stores, gravel & gold, apparently went to sweden. they visited the jobs textile factory. and check out their cute post about their own funky and bold first printed textile, panda.

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Halina said...

It's like a clean canvas. Love to see what comes out of it! Chicken and tree houses sounds adventurous!