Sunday, September 18, 2011

some good things

some alameda surroundings that tug at me.

the cake plate from laurel and family wants a small iced sweetness to top it.

the peaches (not mine) tempt me at least twice daily.

the blue flowers (also not mine, and just by the peaches) wish to fit inside my small blue ceramic vase (and they have in fact. shshsh). it's a matter of time before a peach finds its way to my house. maybe i'll ask if there's a plan to harvest or if they just plan to let them fall. the way the tree is propped up does make me think they have some peachy intentions. they certainly look ripe though, don't they?


Halina said...

I have an apple tree (our strange neighbors' actually) and oh.. I can't say I go passed it each day without being tempted to pick an apple of.

Your photos are lovely :) As always. Happy Monday to you!

Halina @Moments of a Libra

kusink said...

Mmm. Looks wonderful and tempting. We actually "stole" apples from our friends' garden, since they didn't know what to do with them. Made great pink ÄPPELMOS (don't know the word in English) from them!

I think you shold ask your neighbors about the peaches! They might even be grateful :)

kram från kusinen