Tuesday, May 29, 2012



i watched heima last week. it documents sigur ros' series of free concerts they played in iceland. of course beautiful scenery and music cuts through the film. i found myself tearing up right from the start watching an old man walking with two children to a performance. in small villages, pretty much all the inhabitants seem to have attended the shows, if not for the music, for the gathering with each other. sweet. 

i saw sigur ros play in 2006 at the beautiful marin county civic center—i think it must have been the tour that ended with this series—and it may have been my favorite show experience. definitely my favorite big show. floaty, dreamy, eerie, as one might expect. but strange to feel like the entire (huge) audience was in that same floaty dreamy space. the audience seemed so quiet and relaxed and groovy—like we'd all had massages and sat in the sauna. peaceful.

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