Saturday, May 05, 2012

thomsen's and vines


i love finding new favorite spots in alameda. i keep thinking i've seen all the cool stuff in alameda, but not so, luckily. this morning i discovered thomsen's garden center/vines cafe run by husband (in the cafe upstairs) and wife (in garden center downstairs). they've been there over 30 years and the place is super charming, with nooks with benches and surprises all over the cafe—birds flying above the molding, patterned floor, stained glass windows. i had to have a fika and buy a couple of plants, which i plan to hang stephanie style.


annamaria said...

Hi Kerstin,
Thought you might enjoy this Ted Talk with Reuben Margolin.
Fica looks good:)

Kerstin Svendsen said...

thanks annamaria. that was fun to watch--one of the quieter ted talks i've seen.

Katrina said...

love these photos, shash. i know so little of alameda. i think the extra bridge intimidates me! nice to see it through your lens.