Wednesday, October 10, 2012

rolling along

i probably looked pretty funny walking home from the bus stop craning my head upward and behind me every few steps to look at the clouds passing, pink and yellow lit, over bits of clear blue and grey grey sky.

of course can't do the flickry cats w/o the flickry dogs:
space heater hog
by sarita lolita
hey, wait!
by cody james bentley
polaroid week | day 1 extra
morning: momo listening to the lake before sunrise

loving hannah by freelance whales (the best band name)
(video reminds me of the take on me aha video—one of the first good videos ever and one of the first videos, if not the first, i remember seeing at sarah johnson's house, where they had MTV!)

i wish big long earrings suited me, because i love these silver hares


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