Saturday, October 20, 2012

vanishing ice

my trip to the city yesterday for a haircut meant salted caramel and a walk down pretty lexington street.

two great photographers are documenting the changes in the world of ice.

james balog who has documented the receding ice through time lapse and still photos, has a documentary coming out called chasing ice.

james also gave a TED talk.

and katrina shared this link to an emotional TED talk by national geographic photographer paul nicklen, who documents the animals who depend on the ice for their survival.

meanwhile neither obama nor romney addresses climate change in any meaningful way. romney's plans would in fact speed climate change—what with his ties to big oil and plans for increased drilling and his ties monsanto (see last post). money for corporations clearly comes before the environment for that guy.



Sylvie said...

I like the tag on the sidewalk by your feet. Great photo :)

Re: Obama with regard to climate change, here's an excerpt from an article on Counter Punch (Oct. 15) that sets the record straight (it's a bit long for a comment, forgive me):

"[Obama's]teams at the USDA and FDA are heavy with former Monsanto executives. His operatives at the Department of Interior, breaking not at all with Bush policy, have laid open public lands for the continued private gain of mining, timber, oil and gas, off-road vehicle, and big ranching interests (“This is the worst Democratic administration for wilderness and public lands I’ve ever seen,” a lawyer for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance tells me)."

Kerstin Svendsen said...

Hi Sylvie,
Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I know Obama has Monsantoans in the USDA and FDA. And they're both pandering to the coal industry. I'm not happy with either of them, or with the political system (which is even more corrupt after Citizens United). But I still feel Romney would be far worse for women, queer people, the environment, the poor and the middle class.