Monday, January 16, 2006

mondo monday

some new fabrics

mondo beyondo list (this list is always changing. funny how this particular one seems to get more and more mondo and beyondo as it goes on. who am i kidding, get a dog that gets along smashingly with Pinky Leon!)

and a recent idea i forgot to write on this list is for my housemate erica and i to do a housing swap one spring/summer with some people in stockholm (preferably people with a really cool apartment with nice light)

happy MLK day!


mati rose said...

love it! i want to open up a shop too! hmmm.

lisa said...

so the 7th bullet on your list is on mine too. :)

mav said...

the house swaping in stockholm sounds amazing! we are thinking of going in july... maybe we can meet up? :) great list, mav