Saturday, January 28, 2006

red and pink

and a surprise on the inside...

i'm making valentine cards at the last minute for a valentine card sale at:

barbara anderson gallery
2243 fifth street, berkeley 94710

show opens feb. 5 and cards range from $5-$15.

apparently this show/sale has been happening for about 25 years. can't wait to see all the cards. i'm a sucker for v day despite the fact that it's so commercial and heterocentric and tends to make people who aren't partnered off feel shitty. i like red and pink and hearts and cards and romance. what can i say.

here is a sneak peak.

go here to listen to some groovy music by jonas lindgren, found on sara's site.

and speaking of music, i received a great cd mix (just the kind of music i like) from lovely mati, a fellow SF blogger. mati and i went to cafe gratitude yesterday. it was a delicious (the food and the company!) time. i am so happy to have met mati through blogging. her words and her art i read/see on her blog and her way of being are so inspiring.

now off to make some more cards and then to hear sean hayes. perfect rainy day activities.


mati rose said...

thank you, i wrote about you too:)
hugh went to sean hayes last night also! jealous am i!

Samantha said...

Love the cards - good luck with the sale!

risa said...

your cards are really beautiful. wish i could go see the show.

mav said...

really lovely cards!!!!!!!!!