Wednesday, January 11, 2006

winter pics

some of you were interested in seeing more swedish tomten (santas). you're probably over xmas stuff by now, but if not, here is a flickr set of some of my mom's tomten.

and you can see a set from snowy sweden. and a set from the flight over to sweden (we were mysteriously upgraded to business class on the way there. it is everything you hear about and more. boy does sitting on the way back in the middle of the middle row, squished next to a track and field guy with long legs and a bad cold, who coughs on you for 12 hours suck after having experienced a business class upgrade.)


Di said...

I love the tomten set! We bought some tomten head ornaments for our tree this (last) year. So cute! thanks for introducing me to them.

Jenny said...

Så synd att din mormor gått bort! Jag har förståt att du älskade henne högt, men jag är säker på att hon och din morfar är tillsammans i sitt luftslott nu.
Klia katten under hakan och fortsätt sy och inspirera. Dina grejer är så himla härliga!