Tuesday, May 22, 2007

leaves and organic bras

big softie leaf
made this big leaf for a scale project for my design class a while back. thought i was getting it back today, but no. so i took some photos of it. it was fun to make something with wire inside. hadn't tried that before.

have i mentioned i'm not buying any new fabric this year? (i have to keep telling myself this. and now telling you.) i figure there's enough great fabric already in the world. man it's tough though when there are fabrics like that flowery one in the leaf (bought last year at bolt in portland).

this year i am not buying clothes at big stores (or much at all) either. i think i've only bought one shirt this year. (but where does one buy organic bras i ask you?) a lot of my clothes are falling apart though. yeah, i'm on a year of no chain stores for fabric or clothing. i wish there was a place that made organic clothing that was tailored really well. i would pay a lot if i knew something would last a long time and fit well and was produced sustainably and fairly. it seems reasonable to me to spend some extra cash on sturdy staple clothes. and then when feeling like it, spruce them up with handmade and thrifted items. it's easier to not buy anything when you have no money to buy anything with too. ;-) (although i guess a lot of credit-loving americans don't feel this way.) well i'm rambling here.

it is late and it's already been an exhausting week.


tracy said...

hmmm. i sense a sew green post here! i just read a great post on organic undies - but can't think where. patagonia carries them. as does gaiam i believe. let us know what you find!

jenifer74 said...

i would pay good money for a pair of super duper long lasting organic, sustainable, fit well (a big issue for me) jeans. so would the mister - he wears jeans all the time & wears them out. the only other place i really allow myself to purchase from (besides thrift stores) are small, independent designers - i love buying from them. but regarding the bra? i wish i knew that one too; as i just went and bought some new ones because it was *beyond* time to have some new ones!

ha - it's too true about not having any money to spend making it well, that much easier ;)

cricket said...

The Domino from a few months ago was all green products...I think they had green undies and green jeans in the listings. Kind of spendy, but worth it if you commit to long term wear and repair.

I wish I had the fortitude to not buy new fabric. Perhaps I will give it a go next year.

The good thing is that you will see what you have with new eyes.

Good luck!

tinarama said...

These folks have some good stuff:
Also, this women-owned company has organic cotton bras that are SO comfy:
Good luck!

nikkishell said...

YAY! I'm not buying any new fabric for clothes making which is pretty easy but there is so much temptation. I have been buying new fabrics for quilt making though, i haven't come across many recycled fabrics for baby quilt making. I do use a combination of new and recycled though, my latest is a new top fabric and the backing is recycled.
It's also easy to not buy new clothes, i've been doing it for well over a year but i can sew so i don't suffer so much as i can make myself something new.
I've dabbled in making knickers and really should make some more, next i'm going to take apart one of my bra's to make a pattern and have a go at making a new one...or two, depending on whether i do a good job or not! :)