Saturday, May 19, 2007

made a wee book today

from scraps of paper hanging around and whatnot.



book1_2 book1_3


inspired by lovelydesign and five and a half. see five and a half's tutorial here


Lina said...

Så fin!

chocolate covered musings said...

wow, you clever thing. i am going to have to check that out and give it a go myself.

kusink said...

åh, vad fint! blir inspirerad... och den där tutorial hos five and a half var ju jättebra.

abby said...

so very neat!
i like that your book has little pockets.
so i just went to your site and read through the book about vallsta. it is so amazing! the pictures are stunning and the story made me cry. you are amazing, thank you

cruststation said...

You did such a great job making the book, would love to see more. I think the found papers gives it interest and variety!

Anonymous said...

Your book looks fantastic. Thanks for the link...inspired to make my own this weekend.