Monday, May 14, 2007

some time ago

i put some shoes that didn't fit me right up on my blog. gwen was happy to take them off my hands, and look at the bounty i've scored in return!

thank you gwen! thank you gwen!

this morning as i was stepping out of the shower, alone at home, the doorbell rang. now our doorbell is normally one that makes everyone around, including the cat, jump straight up in the air and then want to run for cover. seriously loud. but it's even more unnerving first thing in the morning when you're alone, and naked, and soaked. needless to say, i did not rush to see who was there. but later when i left the house, there was this gleaming package of goodies on the stoop! it washed away all the doorbell jitters. ;-)

gwen's purses are, as many of you know, little works of design heaven. look at that super tubey handle, the body of the purse's shape! and her packaging. so thoughtful and good. a big thank you gwen!

find some of gwen's goodies here. and i'm wondering if they'll soon be here as well....


bugheart said...

so happy
you like it.

cruststation said...

Gwen's purses are amazing, and she does the best packaging, enjoy!

Anya said...

pretty, pretty!!!
: )