Friday, August 10, 2007

friday flickrs +

(look how the mannequin has a tree for hair)

hearing paul simon in my head lately singing

I was having this discussion
In a taxi heading downtown,
Rearranging my position
On this friend of mine who had
A little bit of a breakdown,
I said hey breakdowns come
And breakdowns go.
So what are you going to do about it
That's what I'd like to know.

(entire lyrics here. what are gumboots? hm)

he's kind of like woody allen in his flippancy regarding breakdowns. i like it. i often get paul simon lyrics stuck in my head.

friday flickrs (soon at 1000 favorites!)
by debbie carlos
by emiliebjork
by eamonn harnett (wow!)


mary said...

great flickr faves. I particularly like the last one. amazing.

Have a great weekend, Shash.


Claire said...

The lyrics to that song often play in my head too... it is quite catchy. I like the way the 'little bit of a breakdown' line runs together.

Anyway, gumboots are rubber boots like wellingtons or galoshes.

mati rose said...

i love your mannequin shots... i'm always tryin to figure out which stores! i love paul. and breakdowns come and go. speaking of which... i have a number for you, which i'll email ya!

dandelion said...

Another window reflection pic!! My favourites!!

the ghostis said...

I came across your blog via somebody's blogroll and have enjoyed reading it and looking at all the nice pictures. I especially like these window shots. It's always fun to see other perspectives on a city.

Martin said...

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