Wednesday, August 08, 2007

a special package

my mom recently came back from a trip to sweden. these goodies are from that trip.

from my mormor's things - a print of vallsta back when it was a school.

among the many letters and cards i sent my grandparents, a watercolor by me sent to her in 1998.

so far, i've only read about half the letters i wrote to mormor throughout my life (talk about a tearjerker). reading them makes me remember again (redundant but true) how important mormor was (and is) to me. there are not many people in my life who i've felt and expressed so much love for and who made me feel so loved.

and lastly, front and back of a retro cutting board from designtorget. good choice mom!


alyssa said...

This post is a tearjerker. Everytime you write something about your Mormor it is a wonderful and loving tribute. What a special bond you two have.
I love the picture of the house.

kusink said...

Vilka fina presenter! :)

Nu har jag gjort min "tag homework" ...