Tuesday, September 04, 2007

feet week: day two: in motion

a bit bigger on flickr.

on the left: on my way home from a fun visit with the down to earth jenifer of sprout studio.
so fun to see all your feet photos! keep em coming!


feli said...

I have posted monday's and Tuesday's feet on my blog. This is Fun.

Here is the link http://absolutfeli.typepad.com/lifeinmono/2007/09/a-week-of-feet-.html

Do you have a Flickr Photo pool or group for this meme?

shari said...

hi shash.

am enjoying this week so much. my photo is here

the ghostis said...

I love the idea of participating in a collaborative blogger photo project and have wanted to do so for some time. This past weekend I had some fun taking feet pictures. mine is on my blog here.

stuffed said...

Ah, sidewalk. I haven't seen any in ages. :0)

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jenifer74 said...

had so much fun visiting too shash :) my feet photos for sat & sun are up, but i'm behind on the others!! love this idea; so good!

FlipFlop said...

your post makes me miss the city. but i love feet week. and a true testament to this is that i posted tonight - even being computered-out that i am!

so fun are the feet.

Eunice said...

found your site via shari...finished my knitted socks over the weekend. then i saw your feet week and voila! a photo for your week of feet. :)

Janet said...

Thanks for visiting, I just ordered Miss Rumphius from Amazon as i had never heard of it, but was intrigued. I could take feet photographss forever I reckon. x

joan said...

Hi Shash, Thank soooo much for hosting feet week!! I never knew how intriguing a subject this could be! You can find mine here...
http://shadesofjoan.typepad.com/(wish I knew how to post the link the other way... wah!!)Can't wait to see tomorrows!!

Sheri said...

how could one ever tire of feet photos? i not only snap many of my own, but i like to capture other people's feet when they're not looking too. do you think this is a problem?

dandelion said...

what fun this is!! love this photo...
I am also 'on the move' for tuesday's pic...

dawn t said...

I'm joining in with some feet fun!

dawn said...

Oops, forgot to include my site's address :D


Tifanie said...

Hi there, just jumping in. What a fantastic idea, feet week! I'm excited to participate and see all the wonderful "feet" photos. :)


paula said...

Er, better late then never...just put a couple up here. But now I'm wishing they were more artistic, like Shari's. Will try to improve as the week goes on.