Monday, September 24, 2007

fall memories and bears

do you find that you get more sentimental at the change of seasons? i was feeling sentimental with the onset of fall weather/light in sf this past week, but then i realized i feel extra sentimental each time a season turns. i guess the change knocks something around in the brain and triggers memories of past seasons and similar light, similar smells.

above is a fall bear for a friend's new baby. i forgot how fun it can be to make softies. got this fabric at bolt in portland, oregon last fall. i love it. that bolt is such a temptress. they don't have a ton of fabric there, but whoever picks what they do get in the store, has great taste.

some flickr faves on a monday!
i like these colors from tuula.
curled and upside-down kitty from rocketina
and speaking of fall... from shari



I`ve noticed getting sentimental when the seasons change myself. I think I`m slow at catching on with the changes in nature... I need some extra time adjusting. So if winter or spring comes suddenly, I`m all confused.

mary said...

I know what you mean about the change of season. I was thinking about it the other day and realized I feel more sentimental about the change from winter to spring and summer to fall. I think it's because those transitions are so much more dramatic. In many ways, I associate Fall with the beginning of the year, and I think it's from so many years of starting school during the fall.

For some reason, I'm really embracing Fall this year: even today, when we had misty rain all day long. I'm enjoying the transition.

Oh, and I adore your bear. It's so sweet

shari said...

such a fabulous bear! i love it. thanks for the flickr love. xo

karin said...

handsome bear with friendly ears.