Tuesday, April 29, 2008

it's that time again

the white rose bush in the backyard is in full bloom for may.

sun is shining before the sf summer fog settles.

trying to stay focused on final projects for school while spring is tempting with its abundance.

starting a book club with this gal and looking forward to reading one of these four books:
arthur and george
the accidental
eat, pray, love or
no one belongs here more than you (though this one i've already read, so i'm rooting for the others).

wishing i could have snatched up this from karin and camilla's collaboration.


gracia said...

Roses in bloom... they are wonderful, aren't they? They seem to keep doing their thing with no attention needed at all. Such hardy souls.

see you, grache

the ghostis said...

The accidental is a fantastic book. Ali Smith is possibly my very favorite author.

shash said...

hi gracia and ghostis!
ghostis, good to know! especially since that's the book we've chosen! looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

"eat pray love" is a book i wish i'd written, but i am grateful to have read it.

i enjoy your blog, too. thanks for sharing.


dandelion said...

beautiful flower shash... mmm I agree with ghostis - the accidental is an amazing read, I feel sure you'll love it...x