Tuesday, April 15, 2008


not my cosmetics. but i like how these are arranged on the tray.

did you see these old folks on yahoo or abc singing? made me cry in a good way (especially the guy singing the coldplay fix you song).

super good/informative and depressing: corp watch.

and now for something a bit lighter.

in addition to being a sucker for wire-haired dogs, i'm also a sucker for cattle dog mixes that are almost silver in their white/black combo hairs. god this one is cute. and both.
(the list of dogs i am a sucker for actually goes on and on, but wire-haired and cattley-silver are right up there at the top.)

some super nice collections/arrangements:
hydrangea magic
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au lit
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kusink said...

I just looove that choir too! Kör regerar :)

kelly said...

oh....my delilahblue is an airedale.she is a bit wirey.
love your posts.