Thursday, April 10, 2008


i withdrew from one of my five classes today. wow, what a good choice that was. at first i thought the nerd in me might second guess this decision. but the huge relief completely outweighed any such nonsense. this whole semester i've gone (rushing) from school to work to homework in an endless, exhausting cycle. boy am i not a person who needs to be constantly doing something. on the contrary, i need time to relax and to be cozy at home. today, after my morning class, i took the streetcar home from school instead of taking BART. meandered in the sun from the bus stop to my house, made some lunch, sewed a bear, ate some ice cream, watched american idol and now am blogging! i'm savoring this window of free time in my week.

my housemate gave me a sticker that is funny and perfect for me: no one is truly warm until everyone is cozy.



congrats on making that decision! i've been struggling this winter with classes & work too, or finding some kind of balance between having too little and too much to do (if i have too much time on my hands i tend to let my melancholy part get the best of me, but obviously getting super stressed isn't the answer either). i think people talk too little about the fact that everyone needs time just to be and reflect everything happening around. your day sounds perfect!

lisa s said...

good move.
i wish i could give up teaching one of my 3 classes. but alas.... i just have to make it to summer! :)

dandelion said...

I have been taking a bit of a blogging break (from posting at least) but I have been still reading all my favourites... Just because I havent commented doesn't mean I haven't had lots to say... I'm back now and wanting to get back in the saddle, I hope I can make up for lost time...x (sounds like the right decision - theres nothing like a bit of 'free' time)

jenifer74 said...

perfect cancer sticker for sure :)

let's chat book club on saturday eve! xxx.