Friday, May 23, 2008


click here to see the makers of some of my favorite cards (and here to see larger).

this was a good, but very long and busy semester. finished my last final today—wooooeee! looking forward to a relaxing weekend. and next week i'm off to visit my friend who lives in grass valley. can't wait to get on the train and read/write/space out/relax. and then hang out in the country with sweet people, good food and this sweet dog.

i really love my flickr favorites this week. here are some of them:
dandelions (this is the biggest one i've seen!)
polaroid on a path
chasing clouds

other goodies. check out this set.
beautiful foodie photo blog.
unruly things

good weekends to you!


yasu said...

wow so many good links!

lotta said...

I hope you had a nice mini vacation! Congratulations on all your hard work at school. What's in store for summer?

Julia said...

Hi there! I found you through lotta :) So glad I did! Lovely posts!

Marie-Louise said...

Väldigt fina kort! Det är så kul med papper och mönster.