Thursday, May 08, 2008

purple thursday

a lot of people really don't like purple. i am not one of them, though i do usually prefer a bluer purple over the above.

i had never seen purple asparagus before these arrived in the produce box. last week we got fava beans, which i'd never prepared before. they require double shelling, but are very tasty. strawberries are also now filling our produce box, and they're so much more flavorful than the TJoes organic strawberries. CSAs rock.

in the most recent newsletter included in the produce box, Pablito talks about how the farm is made up of families (instead of being a family farm). organic farming is such a perfect example of how caring for the environment goes hand in hand with caring for people (those who grow/pick the crops and those who eat the food). same environment-people connection goes for any kind of manufacturing. it's so obvious (and i'm sure i'm ranting to the choir here), and yet $—over health, the environment and care—continues to be the priority for so many people and corporations. i wish there were laws that required all food to be grown organically, all paper to be processed chlorine free, and that banned all junk mail and automatic-flush toilets. (god i hate those things. they always flush unnecessarily like 5 times.)


jenifer74 said...

i think i'm going to try this in the fall with a small box. then, i can still go to the farmers market to fill in & pick up what else might need...i love the idea of directly supporting a farm i know of.

karin said...

Have never seen asparagus in that colour either. It's a dream!!
Your photo of it is perfect.
We do get such a box too, it's always a wonderful surprise what's in it.