Sunday, May 04, 2008

huller om buller

the alameda flea is a lot to take in.

some people's oddities are presented in a very organized fashion.

and some stuff is more huller om buller, as the swedes say.

...somewhere in between.

refueling at tillies, where they still serve hash browns (not just "home fries").

and then off to see diana's beautiful work here

i'm pooped. and still homework to do!


jenifer74 said...

lovely day - thanks :)

dandelion said...

ooh - fun day by the sounds of it! did you buy anything at the flea market? Or could you resist...x

Tiffany said...

I think I would go into visual overstimulation! Just the hanging baubles send me into a giddy state.

shash said...

i think the overstimulation actually helped me NOT to buy anything. i was too busy trying to see.