Sunday, November 02, 2008

puffer says

puffer says
welcome to shash's new website! let me know if you find any errors, weirdnesses or confusing parts.

puffer was a cat we had (only briefly, sadly) when i was a sophomore in high school. a few weeks ago, when i was at my parents' and sorting through my storage there, i found this drawing i made of puffer. it reminded me of ernie the cat.

happy voting tomorrow! can't wait to celebrate (please let us be celebrating) on wednesday!


abby said...

I'm excited to go peek at your new site :)
and yes-we will be celebrating tomorrow!
we must be!

matirose said...

shash! ciao from florence! i am checking bloggies this morning from our hotel and am thrillllled to see your beautiful new website!!!! congrats to you my friend. good work!