Monday, November 17, 2008

tops and tails

another find from the depths of my closet at my parents' house. this austrian game i would never have remembered if i didn't see it for myself. but of course, the moment i saw the box cover, i remembered many of the various characters/costumes and was eager to match up their tops and tails again. i remember thinking the ladies were so pretty (if uniform given their supposed different origins). the best part is that everyone's tops can match with everyone's tails, like an exquisite corpse, which of course makes for some queer characters.

speaking of queer characters, i just love sisters emma and lisen adbåge's people. here, here, here and here, here and here (swedish).
i feel like i've seen these people before. perfect gestures. they're familiar and funny and endearingly strange.

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gracia said...

Oh! I loved that game as a child. And, yes, I expect I still do. Must dig out my old games box. Thanks for the reminder of days long past.