Sunday, November 02, 2008

a stripey hello

to you. this photo is from last weekend, before the 9th anniversary party (pseudo commitment ceremony {though they wouldn't call it that}) of my friends j & c.

hoping to get back to regular blogging starting tomorrow.
in the meantime. some beautifulness:

coffee is for lovers
(just last week she had many more in this set. not sure where they went. :-()
forms (so so so lovely)

purple bits
sandra's print
wish i could have gone to this.
i bought this print/calendar at little otsu.

it's rainy and dark and cozy here. my mom will be glad i finally am posting something, and she will no longer be so prominent on my blog. heehee.

1 comment:

shari said...

hi shash. you look so pretty in your stripes.