Sunday, May 10, 2009


i usually get very nervous about going to bigger social events, but the ccsf aiga opening reception on friday night was so fun, i barely felt nervous at all!

between mounting and cutting labels and running around in general on friday, i went to some stores to look for something fun to wear to the opening. i didn't find anything, so resorted to the seldom-worn, back-of-the-closet items. recovered this skirt that my friend amelie's mom sewed for me in 1992! and since i didn't have a black (or otherwise matching) purse, i ended up carrying a polka-dotted bag that was my mormor's. she often used it when she went on errands. it's a bag she must have received when she attended a women's conference in seoul, korea in 1990. (it says the conference name and date on the bag.) (that would have made her 76 years old on that trip. my mormor traveled all over the world as leader of the women's baptist union. she was not the kind of christian who gives christianity a bad name. she was peace-, justice- and human rights-promoting, forgiving, kind, generous and open-minded.) i think i felt armed with love in my somewhat cobbled together outfit. some photos from the show here.

happy mothers day!

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