Thursday, May 21, 2009

i feel rich

i feel rich when i look at the contents of our weekly produce box. compared to a lot of people in the world i am rich, but compared to people in SF, i don't have a lot of money. aside from rent, i spend my money mostly on food.
but to me, that feels right. food is important and delicious! look at all those red jewels—cherries (so sweet), strawberries (so ripe i was forced to make yet another crisp) and peaches! i have always been more interested in veggies than in fruit, but when it comes straight from the tree and is twinkling its shiny sides at me, i do fall for fruit. in fact it's hard to resist eating it all at once! (i just got the culture club i tumble for ya song stuck in my head.)

ps. even though i am rich in food, our csa box is so reasonably priced. i get all the organic fruits and veggies i need for about $13.00 a week.


kusink said...

Mums filibabba! :)

Vi har också en sån där låda som kommer varannan vecka, men den ser inte alls lika yummy ut.

Chelsea said...

My kitchen table looks just like this right now- and I agree 100% that good fresh food make you feel so rich.
Summer is the BEST!

Rynke said...

Wow, good price! It looks al lovely and I is important enough! :) Eet smakelijk!