Sunday, May 03, 2009


a poster i made for a fictional event. it's simple (and a little bit too rave-y), but i like the colors.

there is a venue near where i live called make-out room, and i think it's a fun name for a venue. i called the fictional event kyss mig, which means kiss me in swedish and is pronounced something like shiss may
. although i could probably use an advertisement for kissing, i will not be at the make-out room at 9:00 this friday. ;-)

some flickr faves of late
yes please
from o l y
from amalia
from todd fisher (ha!)
romy and charlie


bethany said...

beautiful! love the feeling. and the name of the place is great :).

Chelsea said...

This is great- A few years back I had the same idea to make posters for fictional events (because I love making posters, and there wasn't always a cool event that needed a poster....)

I was thinking of doing this in Portland, and starting to put them up around the city- make it a mini Providence!


lotta said...

Vilken fin affish. vi kan alla behöva mer kyssar.

kusink said...

Love it! So energetic and beautiful.

(And - as I always say - you are funny! Don't we all need an advertisement for something or other from time to time...)


asphaltandair said...

i like!
i like!
i like!
that yellow with the splash of pink is oh so very summer!
nice energy in those colors.

shash said...

thanks everyone!