Monday, August 03, 2009

kitty corner

this weekend i stopped by mati's for an exchange of keys and ears of corn. (we are neighbors, so we exchange random things like that.) every time i go over there, mati has rearranged her furniture and/or wall space. it's inspiring. she's got flair. it had been so crazy long since i had rearranged anything. so i finally got myself together and framed maditi's beautiful photograph (will share later this week after i've finished hanging some other stuff) and hung up camilla's katta. (camilla, you are right, katta is a little bossy, despite the demure paws. you can tell she's faking it by that flapping tail behind her—always a sign of trouble.)

i really used to be a dog person. i'm not sure what happened. i guess pinky leon happened. the next thing you know, i've got four softie cats lined up below katta.


Camilla Engman said...

:) Vilken fin kattsamling.

handmade romance said...

Oh I love this little kitty corner! Adorable. Have you seen this blog wesaymeow . blogspot . com
I came across it yesterday thats why I thought of it when I saw this : )