Monday, August 10, 2009

le pillowcase

here is the pillowcase i mentioned in my last post. you can see some more of the delicious fabric here.

being somewhat afraid of heights, i almost feel weak-kneed looking at these photos. our house looks so tall and rickety from the yard! it's not that tall, but the back steps are that rickety, if not more so.

books i have requested at the sfpl
the girl who played with fire
by stieg larsson (5 of 317 holds!)

our life in gardens by joe eck and wayne winterrowd
deeply rooted: unconventional farmers in the age of agribusiness
by lisa hamilton

olive kitteridge
by elizabeth strout (227 of 227 holds! sigh)

i see you everywhere by julia glass

i love having a long list of books i'm excited to read. i hope these don't all become available at once. (at least i know one of them will take a long time to become available.)

i just finished reading molly's book, a homemade life, and i so enjoyed it. man it made me hungry.

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jenifer74 said...

i am reading the girl who played with fire right now, apparently, i beat you to the punch on the reserve front :)