Saturday, January 23, 2010

add pizazz

yesterday my friend jeff and i somewhat randomly ended up seeing a diane arbus exhibit in a gallery downtown. it was mostly work of hers that neither of us had seen before, all brilliant. how did she meet so many people?

pre gallery we stopped in at this hat store that was the size of a closet and mostly filled with fedoras. they specialize in handmade and california-made hats. very cool. i don't understand why hats aren't more back in fashion than they are. they're elegant, fun, spicy, functional. actually there were some nutty hats being sported by subjects in the diane arbus photos. one looked like a giant cabbage, and one had flopping layers. both worn by old ladies. i think the floppy one was fuzzy/furry too. or maybe it was felt. anyhow, talk about hats with character.

oh, i see the floppy one online here.

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