Tuesday, January 26, 2010


practically the only color in the yard aside from grey. rain. rain. rain. i'm inside with a sniffly nose and some soup.

finished the lacuna yesterday. i didn't have high hopes after the bad review on fresh air. the historical/political part felt forced/preachy to me at times (and that's coming from the choir), but overall i really enjoyed the book. so many good descriptions and words and good dialogue. and i really liked the main character and the ending.

chickens and eggs
i wouldn't mind some of this
from miliken gardner


jenifer lake said...

i didn't know you were reading that too; i'm half way and it's due back at the library. i'm trying hard to get through it -- it's like an ebb & flow of interestingness to me...

abby try again said...

this world is so, so small...
miliken used to drum in james' band years ago.
hope all is well, shash.

Kerstin Svendsen said...

small indeed abby! :-)