Sunday, January 10, 2010

calf in the path + howling cows

here is an assortment of good cows chillin' in wildcat canyon in the east bay.

(wild cat....pkeoooow)

the calf in the path

this one cow would honk-howl whenever it was feeling bothered—when people, dogs or horses passed by. neither rachael nor i had ever heard this sound from a cow before. definitely not a moo. i only got the very tail end of one of the howls on video.

and speaking of cows...

i've been enjoying watching cups (cooking up a story). farmers are such badasses. i've watched maybe eight of the short movies now. my favorites so far below.

i love this guy, anthony boutard. so charming. i like how he talks (with a smile in his voice) and what he has to say. note the gourd room.

about a farmer who had to also become a yarn producer/graphic designer/marketer/salesperson.

endearing cows and excellent farmer

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