Friday, February 19, 2010



when i opened up the csa box last night and saw this cabbage (which looked better last night, pre-refrigeration), it reminded me of
abby's beautiful photo of the amazing kmk cabbage.

i am not going to tell you where in the flat my cabbage photo was taken though. let's just say the turquoise walls (which are way more blue and bright in person) of a certain room seemed like they'd make a pretty background for the purple. (i hope my housemate and csa box sharer is not reading this.)

today i wrote a letter to one of my favorite authors to request permission to include some words of his in this book i'm compiling. the piece with his words in it is not by me, but the permission request "allowed" me to express my gratitude to him. (of course he is probably not the one reading the letter, but i wrote as though he would be reading it, and that felt quite nice.)

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dandelion said...

Well, the 'certain room' has an amazing coloured wall! ...x