Thursday, February 25, 2010

spring napkins

in the few warm days we had last week, i started daydreaming about outdoor fika and picnics, complete with china and cloth napkins.

this weekend i made these pink napkins for myself. the floral side is cut from a thrifted pillowcase. the other side(s) from left-over quilting fabric. i like to mix floral and geometric patterns.

did you see stephanie of 3191's simple, yet classy indigo napkins?

longer and more DIY version of this post over on sew green.

ps. check out how seattle rocks with their big urban gardening plans!


shari said...

really lovely napkins. i'm so into pink this year, which is unusual for me.

caramela said...

I've been into pink for a couple of years now-!!I wonder what that means...Anyway, the napkins are super,you made me dream of picnics too- what fun!
Annamaria :)

Kerstin Svendsen said...

hi shari and annamaria, you pink lovers. i don't have a lot of pink around me, but i often like other people's pinks. and tuesday i bought a bright pink soap holder for taking soap on my lap swim days. i like it. so barbie-esque, which is normally not my thing!