Monday, November 08, 2010

pdx ♥

from a fabulous portland weekend

so good, it canceled out losing the hat i had just special ordered to replace my other recently lost hat, flying (this is huge), watching a movie so bad we walked out of it, and being accosted/harassed by four drunks (on separate occasions).

some good parts
leaves in many shapes and colors (one that danced and flew like a bird)
a street where cats of all shapes and colors greeted passersby
little winter, a fantastic, small handmade market, so thoughtfully organized, with beautiful wares and art
unexpectedly running into jenny and her sister at little winter

so much good food and drink at clyde commons and at broder

so many friendly people (at little winter and at every restaurant and store we went to)

not very much rain, and quite a bit of sunshine

jen and liz and crazy giggling and talking talking eating talking walking

my photos
jen's photos


jenny v. said...

It's a little secret we PNWers like to perpetuate.. that the weather is always nasty and rainy and dark... just to keep the rent from getting too high... ;) tehehe.

Running into your girls (I recognized you right away from across the room!) completely made my day. Next time, we will have more time.

xoand hugs!

sulu-design said...

It was so good to meet you in person (on the day I gave you bad bus directions and didn't know it was you, and during Little Winter when we properly introduced ourselves). Sounds like you had a great Portland experience - it wouldn't be complete without those drunk interactions.

jenifer lake said...

wecome to america!

louise said...

Sounds totally terrific, and that cat, from the street of many cats, is adorable. xo lj

Kerstin Svendsen said...

jenny: made our days too. next time seattle!

sue: totally true. the drunk interactions made for good stories. too funny that you were the one giving bus directions. i'm bummed we didn't make it to the salt chocolate store! will have to go back.

jen: welcome to america!

hi louise! it was.
(the other cats were a more tiger-like darker orange meower, a part polar bear cat {long, long white fur and very large}, standard black, a skinny tabby, and this creamy kitty.