Friday, November 26, 2010

thanksgiving moments

looking at where the zip line from jen and bob's new house to nicole and jayn's future house will go—from the palm tree of course. i love this photo. bob imagining, nicole listening, kevin laughing.


jen preparing delicious appetizers on the wedgewood (jealous) stove

makeshift dining room

it's so fun to see the transformation of jen and bob's house. every time i go over there, a ton of stuff has changed. that place is going to be SO awesome. i look forward to the day when it's close to done (guessing it will never be entirely done as there is always another project), and all of their fabulous art collection hangs throughout. it will be the coziest gallery (serving the yummiest treats), i've ever been to.


jenifer lake said...

thank you for helping to make our house a home. <3. you are the best. xxx.

Katrina said...

catching up on a little blog time. so fun to see these photos through your lens. i think their house project should be a full-length documentary! xoxo.