Tuesday, January 11, 2011

more old homework

bigger poster, bigger scene

while i'm at it, i'll upload some other old homework assignments to flickr.
the above was for photoshop class.

my excellent photoshop teacher loved (and presumably still loves) shocking/twisted/gross images; he often has as an assignment portray your fear (real or fake) and include yourself in the scene. the results generally are blood and guts-filled. because i knew i'd be staring at it for a while, and i preferred not to be spending hours zooming in on snake scales or the like, i chose a fake fear: fear of woodland creatures. (who doesn't love woodland creatures—aside from those woodland snakes?)

for the above assignment, we were to create a persuasive political/topical poster and then include the poster in a scene. my poster was about
(surprise!) sustainable agriculture and industrial agriculture: sacred cow vs. mad cow. in the scene, the independent farmer (my classmate) is vanishing in a wasteland, america's heartland soil dead from the destructive farming methods employed by industrial ag.

the poster is another piece of mine that i didn't like at the time. i thought the poster was too literal. it is pretty literal, with a lot of text, but now i can see that it is also emotional/powerful—i feel sick about that poor jailed cow (even though it's not showing the actual brutality
of a CAFO) {which again, i didn't want to stare at for hours while completing the assignment, and which would have been even more literal}).

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annamaria said...

Exciting work Kerstin, the images are certainly 'moving' and thought provoking.
Isn't it funny how it takes lots of time and distance before we can see our own work objectively! xx