Saturday, January 15, 2011

speaking of cows

went on another hike in wildcat, but the cows didn't howl today. moo, yes. howl, no.

you would not believe how loud the frogs were in this pond/puddle. it seemed like there must have been a whole fleet of very loud frogs in there. the water was rippling with them. but as soon as jen and i got out our gadgets to document their talking, they went quiet. all at once. except for one frog, who apparently didn't get the message that it was time to be quiet. so the slow one ribbeted once more, but then silence and stillness on the water. and they didn't start up again. i was glad to hear them though as it seems i hear frogs less and less these days. there used to be frogs in the valley behind the house i grew up in. i would hear them in the evenings and at night, but no longer.

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jenifer lake said...

speaking of cows... i'm gonna tell you about the frogs :) thanks for a fun hike!