Wednesday, January 19, 2011

take a walk with me

on this glorious SF day. (they don't get much more beautiful weather-wise.)

buy a tasty morsel at knead (second choice of treat since they're no longer making persimmon chocolate chip scones—their persimmon tree is done for the season) and use all willpower to wait until we are atop bernal hill to eat said morsel.

take a blurry photo of custardy goodness whilst a dirty white poodle tries, with poodley charm, to snatch treat.

marvel at the day! the view. the dogs of all stripes with their dog walkers.

walk over to past cortland avenue and meander by the houses...

with big numbers on their sides.

walk around holly park (which is in the shape of a circle, roughly), back to cortland avenue to
see if our friend jeff is working at the video store. he is not, but the succulent part of the store has expanded into the video part and is super pretty.

talk with succulent guy in the sun. feel a bit guilty about not buying any plants from him. next time.

over to church street, through noe valley, and back over to the mission district and the corner natural foods store to buy some straus ice cream for later. soon it will be later.

here is amelie walking with the blind man.


annamaria said...

Nothing like a walk in winter sunshine!Maybe only a walk with Amelie -spreading her very own sunshine to us all!Have a lovely day-

Janis said...

I enjoyed your walk. I am going to take that path myself one day...

Amelie - such a joyful scene, moves me every does most of this movie :^)

Thanks for the tours