Saturday, March 05, 2005

bloggy beginnings

although i am ambivalent about blogging and sharing with anyone and everyone (not that anyone and everyone will find this interesting!), i find that the sites i visit most, are those with blogs. i am so inspired by all the crafting and illustrating folks out there. so i'm going to try to be more a part of this crafting blogging community. i'll post mostly pics of the fabulous pinky leon (you'll meet him soon if i can figure out this picture transfer), pics of crafting projects, links to inspiring art/folks, and the occasional musings on color, maybe. we'll see.

trying to figure out how to get two pictures on one post. can you tell i'm new at this? hm... so i'm going to post two pics from my first crafty sale at Canvas Gallery. Canvas Gallery hosts a monthly sale put on by
Feria Urbana.

an inspiring quilter artist: Anna Von Mertens

ok i havent' figured it out, so for now the pictures will go in a separate post i guess.

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