Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Poodle High Horse

when i was younger i thought poodles were annoying because of the poofy hairdos. at some point i realized it was the owners who should be blamed for the hairdos. and i've now come to find poodles to be quite cute, with the curly hair and the goofiness. they're especially cute when they don't have the silly dos and they look like long-legged sheep.

in the mornings when i wait for the shuttlebus i stand across the st. from the Atlas Cafe. there used to be this guy (well he probably still exists, i just don't see him anymore) who walked to atlas in the mornings with his standard poodle. he was just this regular looking guy guy. with an old tshirt and short hair. sort of a casual/conservative guy. but his poodle had the do with the poofs! it made me wonder if he had a girlfriend or boyfriend who got the poodle trimmed like that, cuz it just didn't go with the guy. the poodle however was hilarious. the guy strolled to the coffeeshop and the poodle pranced. not like a snooty prance, but a completely glad to be alive and sniffin prance. totally goofy. and when s/he? got anywhere near other dogs, s/he did the play bow thing and then leapt up and down the sidewalk. it was pretty funny to see the big, poofy cut poodle run around like a puppy. s/he could care less about the ridiculous haircut!

i like the word poodle and all those mixed with poodle breed names..cockapoo, labrodoodle, goldendoodle. silly. if pinky leon were mixed with a poodle, would he be a pinkydoodle or a pinkyloodle OR a pinkystrudel? he is like a sweet German dessert (that is what a strudel is, right?)

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