Thursday, March 31, 2005

wow, mailart

so i've just discovered mailart. i know, i'm late.

through camilla's blog (which is one of my very favorite daily blogs - what more could one ask for, she has a CUTIE dog, makes adorable creatures, posts great links, is an artist, her blog has great colors and she's Swedish!), i found fripsmailart and all her great mailart links.

i'm afraid i could get hooked on mailart. the prospect of getting unexpected art through the mail from strangers is really enticing. i'm not sure exactly how it works, but i am definitely going to try it. i think i just pick a mailart person (or people) to mail something to and hope they mail something back. it's practicing letting go (of one's creations and expectations?) and possibly finding a treasure and a correspondent.

i've always loved the Griffiin and Sabine books, which are sort of like mailart, but in book format and with a great story. but this is a whole other, participatory level of mailart!

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